Yoga with Jaiveer

Traditional Hathayoga in Basel

I was born in India. My exposure to yoga happened at a very early age through my parents and my elder brother. I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute ( Lonavla , India ), one of the oldest yoga schools in the world, founded in 1924 .

  • I am a Swiss Yoga Association ( and European Yoga Union ( Europäische Yoga Union) recognised Yoga teacher.

Language of instruction – German and English 


                  No lessons until further notice because of the measures concerning Covid-19

Upcoming Workshops

Yoga Philosophy , Baar ( Schweiz)

21st and 22nd November 2020

Beautiful Memories from our Kaivalyadhama Retreat 2018

It was an astounding retreat with much learning . Thanks to the world class teachers at Kaivalyadhama ! Much appreciation to the open-mindedness of the wonderful participants.

Der Lehrer muss nicht immer nur geben

Ralph Skuban's and Jaiveer's conversation in Yoga aktuell Magazine (Aug-Sept.2018)  


I teach in Germany and in Switzerland.

My current offerings are :

  • Soham Yoga, Bachenbülach ( Mondays 18:30-20:00)
  • Lola, Quartiertreffpunkt, St.Johann , Basel (Thursdays 19:00-20:30 & Fridays 12:15-13:45)
  • Quadriceps Physiotherapie Center, Lörrach, Germany ( Tuesdays 17:0-18:30, 18:45-20:45, and on fridays 16:00-17:30, 17:45-19:15)
  • Volkshochschule Lörrach ( Thursdays, 12:10-13:10, and 13:15-14:15)
I also offer workshops and private lessons on request.
You can contact me at :  [email protected]

Traditional HathaYoga with Jaiveer

Reference Reading Material


Pranayama: The healing power of breath (German)


Hatha Yoga Pradipika (English)